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Yesterday was finally spent on the road again. The weather was fine and it was nice to enter the car at 6.a.m. filled with expectations, laughter and songs.

Our first stop was Österlens Folkhögskola in Tomelilla, in Skåne. We spent a few hours listening to (and of course playing with) Rasmus’ folk music class*. They were rehearsing for today’s concert – good luck!

Rasmus playing the mandoline (oops, we only got half of Reine, so you have to imagine the other half…)

The other mission was to meet their teacher Reine Steen, a legendary folk violin player with lots of knowledge about folk music in the Baltic Sea region. Together we discussed future plans for projects including folk music around the Baltic Sea.

The afternoon was spent in Lund and Skånes Musiksamlingar/Folklivsarkivet, where we met an extremely dedicated archivist, Patrik Sandgren, who promised to help us with future work. To open the sound- and textfiles felt like opening a box of chocolate, so after a few hours work we just had to crush down at a nice café…


High on sugar we then went to Gustav’s place. The three of us are giving a concert in Poland next week – a perfect excuse to meet and play together!

Kristin and Gustav discussing next weekend’s program

* Rasmus is one of our young participants in the project Baltic Sea Inter Cult


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