Growing south….

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Finally we are growing southward! This week we are on a planning tour to Poland to, to meet all our new friends (and friends of friends). The first two night were spent with Miki Wielecki, who is a percussionist specialized in Latin-american tradition. During the Kuba Pietrzak, a member of Krusznia, guided us around the amazing city of Warszawa.

Wednesday night Miki guided us into the Warsaw club life. Unfortunately, the expression “lille-lördag” does not exist in Poland, so the action was slow, but we finally ended up at the Culture Center chatting and drinking cider.

Dinner at Miki’s

Thursday night we spent at the club W oparach absurdu at a folk music jam sessison together with Kuba, Aga Sroczynska and Miki. We met a truly amazing double bass player, Lukasz, and played one tune even more assymetrical than the other.

jamming in the club

Friday we got the chance to meet two new friends of friends. First we had an interesting  skype-meeting  with Janusz Prusinowski, and an hour later we had coffee with his band-collegue Piotr Piszczatowski. We talked about how to bring folk music to the next level in society. Brilliant!

Astrid convincing Piotr about our brilliant ideas….

Then, of course we had to see the Chopin-monumentet and stroll in the park, where the squirrels were strangely tame…

is it alive or just a decoration…?
Wonder if it understands malungsmål?
hmm…swedes or…?
She smells good…?
SHIT! He jumped up on my leg!!

Now we’re waiting for our bandmate Gustav to arrive so we all can travel up to Suwalki, meet the Krusznia and finally play at Tu Gdzie Jestem – Raczki.


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