Tu Gdzie Jestem – Here Where I am…

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Friday evening we picked up Gustav and went by car – Kuba, Aga, Gustav, Kristin and I – 300 km up to the village of Posejnele in the very north-east of Poland. That’s where Pawel (the drummer in Krusznia) has his farm. This weekend happened to be the great “All saints”-weekend and the roads were packed with cars leaving Warsaw for visiting relatives outside the city.

Finally, at one a clock in the morning we arrived and was met by a buffé of food and locally flavored vodka. The night meal was lovely and jolly, we sang and laughed and laughed and sang…

fredagsmys….in Polish…

The Saturday was dedicated to practicing for the concert and taking care of the cows. We got to see the lovely lakes and take some nice pictures.

Going for a walk
Kristin och Gustav
Kuba and Pawel (the man with the two hearts and four lakes…)

Late afternoon we all left for Raczki, 60 km away, where the launch of the film “Tu Gdzie Jestem” (Here where I am)  would take place. Last summer Kuba Pietrzak produced a film together with six teenagers about their lives and dreams in Suwalki. And we – Kristin, Gustav and I – had the honor to have a concert after the show. And we were warmed both by the overcrowded room in the culture center as well as the appreciative audience!

Preparing for the film show
Excited audience…

The night was full of jamming of Swedish and Polish music and we did all thank the higher powers for the extra hour of sleep given by the transition to winter time…


The Raczki youth did not only surprise us with great service, but also with a disco party at 9 o’clock in the morning and some interesting background music for us when leaving for Warsaw. Singing, drums and hand claps followed us all the way into the bathroom (!) and out to the car. It felt as if we were part of the movie Black Cat, White Cat… We love you all!

We also managed to find time to plan for the future. Hopefully, if all funding will be cleared we will have three youth teams meeting in the spring in Blekinge!


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