Estonia – still an adventure!

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Today we (Astrid and Kristin) returned to Estonia and it felt a little bit like coming home. Or like Kristin said: “I know my way better in Tallinn than in Karlskrona…”

Visiting Tallinn for us folk art nerds is mainly about looking for really nice handcraft. Some Christmas gifts were bought, but the mission this time was to find hand-knitted, woolen socks. At least two pair each. We visited three markets, but ended up at the knitewear sellers by the city wall. Two charming Russian ladies held out some grey socks and said something that sounded like “It’s made of dock”.

“Yeah, yeah” we answered without actually knowing what she was implying. She persisted “It’s made of DOCK!”




It turned out the wool was from her very dear dog Sharyk, who obviously is grey. We had a nice amusing chat with the women and decided the socks will go well with our Polish drum, which Pawel will deliver soon…

dock sock…?

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