Christmas music from Blekinge

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The concert with Christmas music from Blekinge was held  for the second time on the fourth Sunday in Advent. The Folk Practice Trio consisted of Kristin Borgehed (vocals, bass), Astrid Selling Sjöberg (violin, vocals, harp) and Ingrid Björngreen-Nilsson (vocals, drums, harp). Our repertoire contains mainly of folk music we have found in the Blekinge archives. This means in addition to polskas and chorales some songs by Alice Tegner, not to mention a ”christmas jig” (!) called ‘Enjoy Christmas’!

To mark the occasion, we had worked on and interpreted a variation of the song Thirteenth Day of Christmas (which in English versions may be Twelfth Day of Christmas) collected by Nils Stålberg in the 1930’s from the tradition carrier Ingrid Isaksson, Röaby. It took several hours of detective work before we had a finished concert  version, since the record was fragmentary and full of ink clumps!

Since the concert was held in the Arts and Crafts house in Ronneby we gave opportunity for the audience to do some crafting while drinking glögg (mulled wine) during the concert. This contributed to a cozy and festive setting. The concert
ended with the musicians and the audience dancing and singing a local medielval balad about Saint Stephanus!


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