Come dance in my kitchen!

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Last night the house was filled with playing and singing. Me and my eldest daughter gave our folk music friends a julstuga – we played, sang and danced games and ring dances .

An insanely nice way to spend an evening with friends. I wonder if singing games is the thing of the year …? It feels as if more and more people discover how much fun you can have with singing games, it’s easy and anyone can join, young or old, musician or not …

One of my friends who are not so used to folk music called today and thanked for a fun evening. And we came to discuss how unique folk music is, when you can just bring your instruments and play. And even if some go off to play or talk in another room, the music never stopped, others just keep on playing.

And that’s exactly what everyone should experience. If you meet  folk music as an audience at a concert, it is just the music-making that can be experienced and maybe also evaluate, but at somebody’s home, when you sing ballads, play a few songs and do some games, you REALLY FEEL what folk music is all about . Music-making itself may be important, but there has to be something more in it.

More such activities should be encouraged and maybe it doesn’t always have to do with music. Recall, for example, how my mother went away sewing once a month.

“Come and sing a while, but bring your own coffee…”, “come and craft for a while, but bring your own snacks …”, “come and bake with me, but bring your own cookies…”, “come and dance in our kitchen, but bring your own cake… ”

Because it’s just that with “his own coffee” which makes it much easier to execute. Serving something edible suddenly makes more planning and you have to, for example, know how many people will come. And as the hostess you will suddenly be engaged in making coffee and taking care of dishes. If everyone brings his own basket, it’s just to give it a go!

Gustafs skål…
…den bästa skål av alla skålar…
I’m trying some halling dancing…


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