Folk Practice Choir!

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Finally, we have started the Folk Practice Choir! Some weeks ago we presented the idea at the Knut’s party and suddenly we had 20 interested singers!

We have already met twice. We meet for a couple of hours and sing chorals, lullabies, polskas, medieval ballads and more. We also work with singing exercises to broaden our singing skills as well as trying folk singing techniques.

We have also set up a goal to do a singing game every time we meet.

Don’r hesitate to contact us if you want to join. There is no limit and you don’t have to know how to read notes, we sing by ear! (

These are some of the songs we have worked with so far:

”Du Lasse, du Lasse, när får du en vän” (sånglek)

”Var det du som slog min kakelugn itu” (e. Ingrid Björkman-Yllenius)

”Polska från Sörmland”

”Det rider en riddare in på vår gård” (Smålandsvariant)

”Sjuss sjussade karanaja” (sånglek från Ormsö, Estland)

”Sulla lulla liten vår” (norsk vaggvisa fr Østdalen)

”Den signade dag” (Jöns Stål, Hoby)


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