Maysinging – revival 2012

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So many weeks for preparing – practicing with the choir, researching in the archives, talking to the press and putting flyers in mailboxes – and now it is finally achieved!

We managed to blow some new life into the almost forgotten tradition of Maysinging in a village called Mörtjuk in Blekinge. The evening began around 19.00 when we all met up at Agnes & Astrid’s house for a knytkalas (potluck party) where we talked, sang and ate.

When the sun had set we all drove 5 km to a the village Mörtjuk (where Emma, a choir member, lives). There we parked our cars and walked from house to house singing the May song (and all it’s older versions). People were excited to see us. Younger people looked surprised while the old people came out on the porch and sang with us, still remembering the song (which hasn’t been sung since 1970).

We managed to gather 95 eggs, 2 bottles of wine, 2 beercans, peanuts, candy, 187 kronor, 10 öre and a button…. Not to mention this note found on a door; “Thank you, no singing, working day tomorrow” 🙂 Well, it took a while before we saw the note, so they got some singing anyway…

Don’t miss the movie at the bottom of the post 🙂

Preparing for party
Time to go
Goafton Ni som hemma är….
Some left a gift on the doorstep 😉
Här står vi några piltar små…
If you’re not home you might expect a little practical joke 😉 hehe…
Rikke giving us eggs at Skogdala farm.
Last singing for the night!


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