Festival Mazurki

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Our week at Festival Mazurki in Warsaw was one of the greatest folkmusic adventures we’ve experienced. Warsaw and Poland is a great place to be, not just for the fantastic folkmusic (which is obvious), but for the hospitality of all our Polish friends. We made new friends every night and learnt a lot, though the language is impossible to understand.

The week started with a heat wave, which gave a couple of (welcoming) cool and rainy days during the weekend. There were workshops every day and dance club every night. We had two dance courses teaching festival visitors south swedish mazurka (rompedarra och koskitsmazurka) and slängpolska. The workshops were well attended and we did have to use our best leader qualities. But what great dancers! They learnt so quickly!

Here is a mix of pictures (videos will soon be posted):

Workshop with a fiddle master Stefan Nowaczek
Tarmo learning a new tune

The oddest thing happened at the hostel. The rest of the crew had left for the Friday night concert, but I was going to my flute builder to get the flute tuned a bit. In the bar a couple and their grand-daughter started talking to us. And they hurried downstairs and returned with traditional Polish instrument and started playing.

A moment at the hostel….!
Adam Strug teaches male singing
Singing workshop for women
dance class
Nice Friday evening at the flute maker’s house

I got the chance to visit my flutemaker Grzegorz Tomaszewicz, who made my travers flute last winter. The flute had to be slightly adjusted, so two Polish friends and flute players brought me to his house and we had a feast, eating snacks and going through Grzegorz’s all antique flutes. What an experience!

“Please, try any of them!” Christmas eve!
Night jam
Selling & son performing Saturday night

The leaders of Baltic Sea Inter Cult were invited to play at Saturday nights dance evening. As a last piece we invited some of our friends up on stage to play a tune. Of course it made the sound technicians go mad, but who cares…..

Kristin & Astrid captured in singing motion
With guest stars!

The Prusinowski Trio, who were the hosts of the festival had promised 10 hours of dancing. So at five, when the sun was already up, we walked back to our hostel.

The sun was coming up when the festival ended….

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