First meeting with Baltic Trad(e)

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Last fall Folk Practice Academy took the initiative to form a network with professional folk musicians from South Sweden, Estonia and Poland. When attending the Festival Mazurki we also managed to get a group together for a first meeting. Our aim is to create a network with strong personal connections, that can start up international projects together.

We were so happy to find out that we have the same view on how to make the traditional music (with its uniqueness as a genre) part of present life. We talked about telling good stories, about how the music has travelled, how to bring dance back into the genre as well as how to broaden the “audience” or rather the “practitioners” (which could include all people having the traditional music as part of their lives) through various mediating activities.

There is a great energy going in the same direction and we are excited to see where it will take us!

And of course, since we are musicians, Janusz and Reine took the opportunity to explore some common features in a couple of polskas/obereks/kujawiaks.


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