Roadtrip to the border

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During Wiosna Festival in Poland, we in the Swedish team just had to make our own little roadtrip. Since several of us had benn involved in restarting the Maysinging in Mörtjuk, we wanted to head out in the Polish countryside and find crucifixes that in this part of the country are used for Maysinging celebrating the Virgin Mary.

Traces of similar traditions are also found in our Maysongs (the so-called Pievisorna), when one is not only singing about eggs, but also about the birth of Jesus. We found a dozen crucifixes and all were decorated with flowers, garlands and colorful ribbons. And one cannot help but see the similarity with a floral decorated cross that we tend to dance around each summer…

Here the flower garland is carved into the wood.

Of course we also took the chance to play…

What? Was Wikipedia created in Poland….?


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