Burns supper – great way to spend a Saturday evening

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Right after three intense days with our Estonian and Polish friends and collaborators in Baltic Trad/e I went back to Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen. I have decided to write some of the things I do for my PhD in Aberdeen on this blog as well, since it is about the same things as Folk Practice Academy work with over “the Baltic creek”!

A few hours after landing my professor, his wife and my fellow student Natalie took me to a traditional Burns supper in Garlogie. This is an annual celebration of the Scottish national poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). He has inspired many writers, among them Evert Taube. Taube’s “Min älskling du är som en ros” is fairly close to Burn’s “My love is like a red red rose”!

Robert Burns


bagpiper and toast to the haggis


Elphinstone Institute filming

There were men in kilts, toast to the haggis, wonderful Burns poems and lots of traditional dancing all night long! Funny thing – the dance our Polish friends taught us as the krakowiak was obviously just as typical for Scotland, with à different name of course. About ninety persons – 67 bottles of whiskey (and lots of water) vs three bottles of wine – exotic!

singers, dancers and local whiskey everywhere

Burns supper was a wonderful chance to talk to people about singing and listen to great performings, some of them official but – as often – some of the best ones were performed in the bathroom queue…



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