Folk at Heart 2015

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The new folk music year started already on the 2nd of January in Örebro. Folk at Heart is an interesting initiativ – a festival/conference where folk musicians get to show off  their music and skills in front of festival or concert producers. It all happens in the middle of the city in the Scandic Grand Hotel.

Close to the bar there were a couple of traditional concert stages, but mainly the musicians had booked or signed up for hotel rooms. As a visitor you could sneak into any room you like and be surprised of what you found.

The musicians were literally 1 meter from their audience and the real essence of the term chamber music was closely at hand.

folk at heart

FPA participated to the conference, together with Andreas Svensson (one of the initiators of Folk at Heart), with a workshop about how to apply for money for projects. The workshop was well attended and new contacts to our great network were established.

A “conference” with folk musicians is not like a regular conference; of course there were sessions and jamming everywhere! And even if the musicians weren’t allowed to play on more than two floors, who can stop the traveling sound of a fiddle, clarinet or the beat of a cajon…?

At the reception I overheard this discussion when a guest was checking out:
“…it was going on all night!”
“…well, it is a special music weekend and you were informed…”
” But they played and then it stopped and then they started playing again… and it went on like that, and we haven’t slept anything at all!”
” This is outrageous!!”
” yees… will you pay with a credit card, sir…?”

In other words; it was a great happening!!




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