Kurzeme – Kurland – Courland

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It was time to go west, to Kurzeme. However, what we thought would be a simple breakfast and a quick breakup, turned into something more intriguing. At morning coffee in the camping van the whole Spics family came to visit – fair maidens with kokles, shy sons with bell instruments, wives and fiancées…    Morning coffee with singing and playing, and deep discussions about art and design. We would probably still be sitting there if we hadn’t had an appointment at the Russian school.





We thought it also would be simple to deliver the book at the school, but the janitor, who happened to be quite a clown, directed our van into the guarded school parking and took us by the arm and lead us upstairs to the second floor, where all the school children had their yearly singing and dancing performance. Powerful experience! Strong young voices and colorful traditional costumes. And, as a bonus, several of Malin’s singing friends were gathered at the school for a meeting. There were laughters and hugs and talks about future collaborations.



It was late before we arrived at the village of Gudinieki. But before we could have our longed-for dinner we drove our van into the soft Courlandian mud. At least two hours of digging, wheel spinning and calling home to Sweden for good advice before we finally had the van on solid ground. A little bit sweaty, but actually a great method to get to know new people.


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