ethnographic research


Ethnographic research is the framework for the academic and reflexive side of our work. It is always present in our work – when meeting choirs and youth, even though we often forget to talk about it.

Articles & Reflections are different ways to display thoughts about traditional music. They may cover areas such as performing, mediating, arranging, teaching, writing, reading, dancing.

Articles are more conventional research texts that use the format of academia. The texts will be founded through ideas from former research, and academic references are necessary to create substantial discourses.

Reflections, on the other hand, is a new thing that we are launching. Reflections should not be looked upon as scientific articles, but rather invitations to discuss topics, problems and thoughts that people working with folk music meet on an every day basis. Feel free to give many references, or choose be very personal and just present a new thought or experience.

Dare to be both personal and subjective! Use your subjectivity! Please feel welcome to comment on current reflections, or share your own with us!

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