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Revelations in the Old Mill at Korrö Folkmusic Festival

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At this year’s Korrö Folkmusic Festival FPA contributed with two happenings. A workshop mediating tunes with mainly Blekinge material and also one of my “seminar-concerts”, which I held on Thursday night. This time the theme was cultural connections around the Baltic Sea. I was happy to notice that the dark Old Mill (Kvarnen) soon was filled and that there seemed to be quite a crowd outside that couldn’t get in, due to both lack of space and high interest in the subject.


I took the audience on a path through experiences that we in Folk Practice Academy have collected from our projects Baltic Sea Inter Cult, Baltic Trad(e) and Basic – Folk & Tradition. But I also lifted som really interesting details of dance descriptions that Kristin and I have found in the archives of Nordiska Museet and through our meetings with old singers and fiddlers.

The audience showed a dedicated interest in the subject and several of them gave some nice feedback after the session; “This was the best I have ever experienced at Korrö!”, “You have to write a book!”, “This should be made into a film!”

It seems as if the subjects we constantly are poking at fill a need. People have an urge to talk about immaterial heritage. Where do cultural expressions derive from? How can we make a complex picture more understandable? How does geography, time, development, society, political implications, etc colour the way we perceive traditional music? And how can the music we love to play and sing be connected to knowledge allowing questions and discussions to flourish?

With me on stage, I also had my daughter Agnes, who is one of the dedicated youth we have in FPA, and she mastered the Polish drum with excellence while I played a couple of tunes from Suwalki.

I also managed to break a string while retuning, but having fiddlers in the audience is a true bliss. Thank you from all my heart, you anonymous who gave me a new G-string!



Joys of field work

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Hej friends! Within Ethnography, we often tend to talk about field work, not really sure of if people know what it may look like. To overcome this we want to share some various pictures from Folk Practice Academy’s field work the past four years – enjoy!!

Astrid leading a session with Swedish, Polish and Estonian musicians in Ronneby during the Baltic Trad/e Conference January 2013
“Julstuga”, a traditional Christmas music party at Astrid’s, in Jernavik December 2012
Kristin teaching the young talents of Baltic Sea Inter Cult, before a dance concert at Korrö 2012
some workdays are analysing our Swedish singers in a remote corridor at a London airport...
some workdays are analysing our Swedish singers in a remote corridor at a London airport…
Teaching ballads at Backafestivalen, July 2013.
The fabulous singing weekend in Scotland!!
#koraleriet – the project with female voices doing Protestant and Catholic hymns
LivatWiwat – the Polish/Swedish big band
Julstuga Jernavik, December 2014.
Basic Folk and Tradition, our latest project with young people, folk music and folk arts.

For a much bigger gallery of folk music and folk art pictures, please take a look at our Facebook webpage.

Thanks for now!


Young people and archive material

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Here is a short film from one of our archive sessions with young musicians in southern Sweden. The film shows that archives can offer a little of each. Who knew that there were ancient rap musicians in Blekinge back in the days…

Linnea Blomgren – reflection about overtones

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Read Linnea Blomgren’s  reflection about overtones

linneab23 Linnea Blomgren is 18 years old, and an active member of our project Baltic Sea Inter Cult project, where youth in Sweden, Estonia and Poland learn about networking, culture & identity development, project management, etc through traditional music.

Three workshops in one

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Here is a film clip from Saturday’s singing course at Folk Practice Academy. We had three themes; rhythm (Kristofer), spring- and maysinging (Astrid) and Sailor songs (Kristin). Of course we had to do the sailor songs at the old shipyard in Saxemara, where the traditional boat club had there yearly cleaning day.

Telling the stories

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Saturday I visited Skånes Spelmansförbund‘s yearly meeting. I was asked to come and tell the fantastic stories about Baltic Sea Inter Cult and Folk Practice Academy. Agnes joined me and we played some Estonian and Polish tunes, and also even everyone our favorite oberek. It was a nice evening with good food, jamming and reunions. I got to meet two of my old fiddle and nyckelharpa friends that I used to play and sing with when being a student in Lund years and years ago.


Remembering Christmas

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“February – the most meaningless month of the year” a friend said the other day. Maybe it’s true. It’s a month stuck between the joys of Christmas and the warmth of the Spring. Here in Sweden we don’t even have any festivities this time of the year, like fasching in the south.

So, the only way to keep up the spirit is to remember the nice Christmas get-togethers. The 28th of December we were a whole bunch that met up at Gamlegården for a Julstuga – an evening of singing, dancing and playing.