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Joys of field work

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Hej friends! Within Ethnography, we often tend to talk about field work, not really sure of if people know what it may look like. To overcome this we want to share some various pictures from Folk Practice Academy’s field work the past four years – enjoy!!

Astrid leading a session with Swedish, Polish and Estonian musicians in Ronneby during the Baltic Trad/e Conference January 2013
“Julstuga”, a traditional Christmas music party at Astrid’s, in Jernavik December 2012
Kristin teaching the young talents of Baltic Sea Inter Cult, before a dance concert at Korrö 2012
some workdays are analysing our Swedish singers in a remote corridor at a London airport...
some workdays are analysing our Swedish singers in a remote corridor at a London airport…
Teaching ballads at Backafestivalen, July 2013.
The fabulous singing weekend in Scotland!!
#koraleriet – the project with female voices doing Protestant and Catholic hymns
LivatWiwat – the Polish/Swedish big band
Julstuga Jernavik, December 2014.
Basic Folk and Tradition, our latest project with young people, folk music and folk arts.

For a much bigger gallery of folk music and folk art pictures, please take a look at our Facebook webpage.

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Baltic trad/e meeting – some snapshots

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Here are some more photos from the fantastic meeting Baltic Trad/e creative team had a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy them while we continue working on the project description.

Pub night at Bakfickan with folkmusicians from Blekinge
Walking to breakfast
“Where are we?”
“Haven’t got a clue…Just look into the camera!”
Morning walk from Mandeltårtan to the theatre
Pawel presenting his post-its
Eager listeners
Reine sorts out his ideas
We’re thinking in the same direction…
Piotr and Pawel and patriarchal monument
A little excursion to the medieval church to look at the Death Dance
Jamming in the kitchen at Villa Viola
The management team in deep thoughts
We are da shit…
Aleksandra presenting the culture center of Gdansk
Jagna handing out gifts
Sofia taking a short rest
Heavy discussions – How do we connect? What is traditional music? What do we need to do?
More jamming
Even more jamming
Jamming and sleeping
It is so sad to leave Sweden…. 😥

A magical gift….

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Almost two weeks ago we had a dear visit when our folkmusic friends arrived from Poland and Estonia for the Baltic Trad/e-workshop. One of our friends brought a gift that to me must be considered as a piece of magic in the cold winter – 6 eggs from a farm in Posejnele in Suwalki. Researching Maysinging has made me a bit obsessed with hens and eggs, but it is the true sign of Spring and that life will return to earth soon, very soon…..

Låt hönan värpa ägg på fat

– Maj vare välkommen –

Till pannekaka och äggamat

– Linden den bär gröna löv om våren –

Och kunna vi inte de äggen få

– Maj vare välkommen –

Så låt den svarta buteljen gå

– Linden den bär gröna löv om våren –


Three amazingly productive days about traditional music!

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The three days when Polish, Estonians and Swedes worked with setting future missions and visions for traditional music around the Baltic Sea have now been concluded. After getting to know each other personally we dedicated Wednesday morning to get to know each other professionally when all organisations presented their work and projects. In the afternoon we collected all possible needs on a common “platform” where we in the future may collaborate with activities concerning traditional music.





In the evening Folkteatern invited to a pub and many folkmusic interested in Blekinge came to play, dance and talk to our international guests about folkmusic. Several new contacts and friendships were established.


We could never have accomplished this without help from local businesses such as Mandeltårtan, where we stayed in the fantastic B & B, Café & matsalar who served us wonderful food, CELA and Office4all for equipment and Folkteatern who rented us the conference room and opened the pub for us.


Viljandi celebrating

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Last weekend I got to visit Estonia again. Coming back my roots is always exciting and every time I feel I recognize more and more words. This time Folk Practice Academy had meetings with Viljandi Folk Music Institute. The 12th of January the Institute celebrated its 5th year with a whole day of workshops and concerts.

First meeting with Baltic Trad(e)

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Last fall Folk Practice Academy took the initiative to form a network with professional folk musicians from South Sweden, Estonia and Poland. When attending the Festival Mazurki we also managed to get a group together for a first meeting. Our aim is to create a network with strong personal connections, that can start up international projects together.

We were so happy to find out that we have the same view on how to make the traditional music (with its uniqueness as a genre) part of present life. We talked about telling good stories, about how the music has travelled, how to bring dance back into the genre as well as how to broaden the “audience” or rather the “practitioners” (which could include all people having the traditional music as part of their lives) through various mediating activities.

There is a great energy going in the same direction and we are excited to see where it will take us!

And of course, since we are musicians, Janusz and Reine took the opportunity to explore some common features in a couple of polskas/obereks/kujawiaks.