Baltic Trad/e -and we’re off

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Introduction, getting to know each other. FINALLY!!






Murder ballads

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We started off the new year with a full day course of local (more or less) murder ballads. As always we started with warming up and traditional singing techniques. How does it sound when each and everyone say a given scentence in her dialect? How does it sound when we put melody to it? What are the differencies? Singing and discussions are closely tied together in our work. We taught murder songs of all kinds; short “postcards” and really long medieval ballads. Sixteen singers met up, really nice!! There were people from our choir, young musicians from Baltic Sea Inter Cult and some new singers as well. As always an interesting mix of ages, musical backgrounds and opinions. Just like we like it! We are now preparing for the coming singing workshops this spring, please send us your requests!! What workshop would you like to participate in?


Food, candy and of course some playing!

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Agnes, Hilda and I (Linnea) decided it was time for a little jamming. Two violins and an electric piano met according to the plan in Folk Practice Academy’s head quarters last Sunday.

As usual there is a great need for fika (extremely Swedish!) when we play, so between all Polish tunes, halling and schottis tunes we did manage to consume tea, cookies and fika. Unfortunately, Agnes forgot to bring her notorious home made chocolate balls, which have become a tradition at these kind of meetings, but I believe we survived anyway.

We looked on the old note books for new tunes, especially schottis, since we think we needed to learn some more. Hilda played along with the piano (she usually plays the trumpet) and accompanied the squeaking from Agnes and me. It was really groovy most of the time. We decided (together with Julia) to do some dance playing at Midvinterton in Olofström the first weekend in February!


Viljandi celebrating

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Last weekend I got to visit Estonia again. Coming back my roots is always exciting and every time I feel I recognize more and more words. This time Folk Practice Academy had meetings with Viljandi Folk Music Institute. The 12th of January the Institute celebrated its 5th year with a whole day of workshops and concerts.

Julkonsert idag!!

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Gläd dig åt julen, för idag kör vi!

JULGALA med blekingsk julkonsert
KL 19:00 i Gamla Stadsteatern i Ronneby.

På scen: Folk Practice Academy, Bessman, Cina & Astrid, Baltic Sea Inter Cult, Fridens Liljor, Folkmusikkören, Selling & Son

Konferencier: Ivar Wenster

Efteråt blir det Folkmusikpub i Bakfickan med öppen scen och dans.

På förmiddagen först kurser i fiol (Maria Bojlund), flöjt (Marcus Tullberg) och vissång (Kristin Borgehed).



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Folk Practice Academy is an institute for folk music

and other folk arts in contemporary practice.



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Folkmusikkören träffas i Ronneby var tionde dag och sjunger polsketrallar, sånglekar, medeltida ballader, mm.

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